If you’re new to esiLaw this guide will help you learn more about the software and its features.

esiLaw 360 is our brand new practice management and accounting software solution that’s designed from the ground up to be exceptionally easy-to-use and extremely productive. We’ve re-engineered the entire product to give you a much more efficient user interface that will help you complete your day to day tasks faster. It is also a replacement for esiLaw as it is built on new technology.

To view a list of the major differences visit our upgrading page.

The list below provides a quick overview of the benefits. You should review the Compare Features tab as well as it provides a complete overview of the differences between esiLaw and esiLaw 360, identifies new features and lists features that are not yet available.

esiLaw 360 pricing is based on a SaaS model (software as a service), with monthly and annual subscription plans available. All plans include technical support and automatic software updates that require no user intervention. The cost of a plan is based on the number of users you purchase. Each user license you purchase allows you to set up a user account and a corresponding lawyer or timekeeper for timekeeping and reporting. Volume discounts are also available for firms with multiple user licenses.

Yes. The migration will transfer all of your information or data. However, as some features are not yet available in esiLaw 360 your data will be transferred, but you may not have access to those features immediately (e.g. My Fields or custom fields). Refer to the Compare Features tab for complete details on what features or functions are not yet available to determine when it is suitable for your firm to migrate.

Upgrading and migrating your information and data to esiLaw 360 is a very simple process.

2. Contact sales to purchase your required number of licences. When you purchase you will create an account and you will be sent an email with a link to download, install and activate ESILAW. If you are in a multi-user environment, perform the download and installation on your server first then the remaining computers.
3. Book your migration date, bill template customization and training with sales. If you’re a larger firm we can do a pre-migration so that you have data available to train your staff on.

For any additional information please contact Contact sales

Before you can migrate to esiLaw 360 you must be using the most recent version of esiLaw (2015.1.4). If you choose to upgrade to esiLaw 360 we will provide you with a download so you can quickly update from almost any version of esiLaw. Once that is complete then you will be able migrate your data to esiLaw 360 quickly and easily. The overall process is very easy to complete and won’t take much time at all. With the migration, all of your data transfers to esiLaw 360 so you retain all of your existing information, with the exception of your billing templates.

Contact sales to get your questions answered and to get a quote for ESILAW 360, migration and training.

We offer a migration package for different firm sizes that include both the data migration and training. For large firms a pre-migration is also available, allowing you to test your data in esiLaw 360 prior to your final migration date.

Our migration package includes training and the amount of training hours you receive is based on the package you purchase. Even if you’re a small firm we recommend purchasing a migration package and scheduling training to ensure your migration goes smoothly. If your firm requires more training than what is offered in the migration package, additional training can be booked by the hour.

If you are using esiLaw in a multi-user environment we’ve taken all of the hassle out of installing esiLaw 360 on the network. Simply run the install on any workstation and esiLaw 360 will find all available computers with a shared company on them, allowing you to connect to them and log in. This allows you to upgrade your network workstations much faster than conventional software with no need to map drives, set up shares and permissions, or configure any other technical setting.