Who It’s For

esiLaw 360 is for small to large legal firms and serves

accountants flawlessly as well.

ESILAW 360 is for small to large legal

firms and serves

accountants flawlessly as well.

Suitable for

Solo to small law firms

Perfect for

Medium to large firms

Why choose esiLaw 360 for your law firm?

Accelerate your firm’s productivity

esiLaw provides law firms with functionality designed to organize and centralize information management within the firm as it pertains to its clients, legal trust accounting, and the law practice itself.

Scalable 360 solution

esiLaw delivers a scalable all-in-one solution to law firms, enabling them to remain in compliance with applicable trust accounting rules.
It integrates the company’s business, real estate and litigation solutions directly into a centralized front and back office legal accounting and practice management solution.

Reduce pain points

esiLaw reduces the friction points within a law firm’s back office, thereby reducing the number of general errors and allowing law firms to focus on value-add tasks.

Top of the line security

Data integrity with automated daily backups, disaster recovery, and top of the line security measures in a Canadian data centre.

Streamlined, reporting & analytics

Easy reporting and analytics tools designed for lawyers to be quick and efficient.


Automated trust accounting and reporting capabilities to help streamline and manage your law firm efficiently.


Each license comes with a user and a timekeeper access. esiLaw 360 is a FULL accounting solution, no need to use a 3rd party application. Provides out-of-office mobility for both lawyers and accountants, to bill and record time anywhere, anytime.
Accounting functions include, but are not limited to:

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