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esiLaw 360 is designed from the ground up to be easy-to-use and extremely productive

We’ve re-engineered the entire product to give you a much more efficient user interface that will help you complete your day-to-day tasks faster and more efficiently.


Completely redesigned user interface that is exceptionally easy-to-use.


Centralized client/matter, contact and vendor management that gives you instant access to information management, transaction entry, transaction history, balances and more on one screen.


Process bills in a fraction of the time


Scalable user interface fonts and font type that makes everything easier to read.


Unlimited backup and restore points


Credit-card processing


New interface truly maximizes your daily productivity and saves you valuable time.


Faster transaction processing - enter, edit, reverse, transfer and write-off from multiple locations.


Powerful find feature that helps you find transactions quickly and make changes to them.


Automatic software updates that require no user intervention.


LEDES integration


Dedicated client portal


And much more!


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If you are considering switching toesiLaw 360, visit our FAQ page to get answers about our product.

What’s New!

Take a look at the full list of features.

We have improved every single feature and function, so be sure to view the full list of features that ESILAW 360 has to offer!

Technical Details
esiLaw 360 uses a Microsoft SQL Server database as well as other leading technologies to provide a significant improvement in stability, scalability and security.

Multiple companies

You can set up multiple companies within ESILAW 360.

Adaptive Interface for all screen sizes

The user interface is now scalable and will resize if you scale your Windows font to any size, allowing for larger fonts and easier viewing of text on screen. In addition, the font of the application has been changed to a much easier to read font. Note that font scaling is also dependent on the resolution of your monitor as it pertains to applicable visibility.

Refund, NSF and Vendor Credits

We no longer allow negative entries for transactions. However, we now provide new features such as Enter Refund, Enter NSF and Vendor Credit to help you enter what we’re formerly negative transactions much quicker and and easier.

Split receipt feature

The receipt features are now split into three separate features; Enter Bills Payments (for client bill payments), Enter Unbilled Disbursement Payments and Enter General Receipts. All receipts will queue up in the Make Deposits feature based on the Payment type you use to enter the receipt.


Make Deposits will help you fast track your bank deposits. You can quickly select the receipts you have entered for each bank, finalize the deposit and print deposit reports for the firm and the bank. If necessary, you can also reprint and undo deposits.

Enhanced find feature

The Find feature has been enhanced so that you can search using more criteria and even change the state of transactions within the Find feature (e.g. reverse an entry).

Redesigned Chart Accounts

The Chart of Accounts feature is completely redesigned in a manner that makes it much simpler to maintain or change your chart of accounts.

Combined accounting for admins and firm users

For administrators or accountants in the firm, we have combined all accounting features into two navigators, reducing the need to navigate to multiple menus to complete tasks.

Improved backup feature

The new backup features allows you to back up while users are in ESILAW 360. It will also create restore points that you can easily restore with the click of a button and back up all of your company files with one click.

Automatic software updates

ESILAW 360 updates are now delivered automatically to you and installed when you log in. There is no longer any need to download and install updates.

Streamlined transaction entry

Transaction entry has been streamlined so that you can enter transactions faster and view unposted transactions in the same window.

Combined Clients & Matters center

The Clients & Matters and Inquiry features have been combined into a new Client & Matter center that will help you manage your clients much easier. From the Clients & Matters center you can add and edit clients, perform conflict searches, enter and change transactions, view information, create bills and even produce reports.

Redesigned Billing feature

We have redesigned the billing features and overall process to allow you to create pre-bills, work on them and finalize them in one window. With the new workflow and added functionality in billing you no longer need to work in Word or WordPerfect to edit bills, recalculate totals and perform other bill related tasks. These new features will help you create bills much faster than you previously were able to.

Upgraded Vendors center

The Vendors and accounts payable features have been completely redesigned to function similar to client and matter management and transaction entry features. The Vendor center now offers an Invoice and Payments ledger where you can view all invoices and payments and work with transactions.

Updated Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation has been updated to simplify doing a bank reconciliation. It now displays deposits on a single line item with the total amount of the deposit and the deposit date. From the bank reconciliation window, you can view the actual deposit and even reprint it. You can also add, modify and post adjustments in the Clear Cheques & Deposits window.

Flexible & upgraded Reports

Reports have been modified so that the majority of reports can be run using additional criteria such as type of law or major client. You can also run reports with more flexibility such as selecting multiple lawyers or timekeepers at the same time, even though they are not in a range.

Multiple users and workstations

Adding additional users and installing the software on their computers is now a very simple process. Simply download the software, install it, and it will automatically search for any available company files on the network and allow you to connect to those computers and companies. This eliminates the need to configure drive mapping, permissions and so forth.

Multiple Users and Workstations
If you are using esiLaw in a multi-user environment we’ve taken all of the hassle out of installing esiLaw 360 on the network.
One-click setup!
Simply run the install on any workstation and esiLaw 360 will find all available computers with a shared company on them, allowing you to connect to them and log in.
The benefits?
This allows you to upgrade your network workstations much faster than conventional software with no need to map drives, set up shares and permissions, or configure any other technical setting.
Our support team will assist you with any installation questions you have prior to the migration
Easily migrate your esiLaw data into the 30-day free trial and experience the difference!