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Upgrading ESILAW  

Pricing and Ordering

For upgrade pricing or to place an order for an upgrade contact sales. If you are considering upgrading and want to try out the latest features you can also download a trial or demo.


Supported Versions

Supported Version
2008 or higher

Support for software versions that are discontinued is available at standard support rates. All calls related to discontinued versions are billable even if a working solution cannot be provided.

* For word processor billing refer to the ESILAW help file for a list of compatible word processors.


Release Notes

ESILAW 2014.1 Release Notes
ESILAW 2013.1 Release Notes
ESILAW 2012.2 Release Notes
ESILAW 2012.1 Release Notes
ESILAW 2011.1 Release Notes
ESILAW 2010.2 Release Notes
ESILAW 2010.1 Release Notes
ESILAW 2009.4 Release Notes
ESILAW 2009.3 Release Notes
ESILAW 2009.2 Release Notes
ESILAW 2009.1 Release Notes
ESILAW 2008.2 Release Notes
ESILAW 2008.1 Release Notes
ESILAW 2007.3 Release Notes
ESILAW 2007.2 Release Notes
ESILAW 2007.1 Release Notes
ESILAW 2006.4 Release Notes
ESILAW 2006.3 Release Notes
ESILAW 2006.2 Release Notes
ESILAW 2006.1 Release Notes
ESILAW 2005.1 Release Notes
ESILAW 2004.1 Release Notes
ESILAW 7.0 Release Notes
ESILAW 6.5 Release Notes
ESILAW 6.0 Release Notes
ESILAW 4.6 Release Notes
ESILAW 4.5 Release Notes
  *Requires Adobe PDF Reader to view. Download at www.adobe.com.

System Requirements

For detailed requirements, including networking requirements, view the ESILAW System Requirements page.


US & International
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Feature Requests

Submit a suggestion on features or improvements you'd like to see in an upcoming release.

Antivirus Software

Read our antivirus and security software article to discover how you can deal with known issues caused by third party antivirus and security applications.

Need Bookkeeping Help?

ESICare support plans do not include accounting and bookkeeping services to help balance your books. If you need assistance with reconciling accounts please contact your accountant or a certified partner. On-demand training courses are also available to assist you with learning how to reconcile accounts.

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