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More than 15,000 attorneys trust ESILAW. Here's what a few of our valued customers have to say...


ESILAW has helped us to increase productivity and move our firm to an almost paperless office. We have been able to grow by 50% with hiring new staff. I would recommend this software to anyone who is running even a small firm right up to a firm with more than 100 employees.

  Tim Ellis - Morell Kelly

ESILAW is just so easy to use! We have been using ESILAW for years and it just keeps getting better. Whenever we have a problem the support team has worked us through it seamlessly.

  Sarah Moon - Randal & Company

We have been using the ESILAW system for 25 years and nothing could replace it. It is a one stop solution to maintaining accurate monthly reconciliations and fingertip access to all firm records.

  Trevor Ford - Ford Hemington

ESILAW is an easy to learn software and the technical support I receive from ESILAW is fantastic.

  ReNae Parmiter - Dean Duckett Carlson

With no previous experience in the field of law, and no previous exposure to computer program in the field, I did require assistance from ESILAW on a few occasions. I found them to be quick, professional and very helpful on all occasions. The ESILAW program itself has been very "user friendly" as it just "makes sense". I enjoy working with this program and would highly recomend it to any law office.

  Carolyn Cassady - Andreassen Borth

Quite simply, ESI understands how law offices work.

  Richard C. Baker

This product is the best I have ever used. Being a bookkeeper in a very busy office - I find ESILAW fast and very efficient. The software is very easy to use for all staff members. I recommend this product to any law firm...

  Shauna Parsons - Peterson Krochak

ESILAW is exactly that, it's easy! The program is very easy to navigate through which allows me to perform my job more efficiently. Thank you for an excellent program!

  Julie - Andrews Benko Law Firm

ESILAW makes it easy to track and account for files. The conflicts section is a genius method for preventing dual-party service in a busy, busy office.

  Amanda - Kiriak Law Office

I find very aspect of ESILAW to have simple instructions, all financial information at your fingertips, easy to post, good reports, great for billing. The ESILAW support system is exceptional and has been a big help to me. ESILAW is a must for any company who needs an accounting software.

  Deborah Guymer - Allan Hirsch Law Firm

I have been exposed to other accounting systems in law firms and have found the ESILAW system to be the most user friendly, efficient accounting system designed for law firms. ESILAW is a most efficient database system that allows us to track clients and all accounting functions required of a law firm, especially the trust accounting. Every staff member that I have ever had to deal with at ESILAW have been polite, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. Keep up the good work!

  Shelly Rhodes - Norquist Watkins

ESILAW is a great program for organization and productivity. It has helped with keeping track of files and finance. Very pleased with the customer service we have received.

  Edisvey Cruz - Peck and Company

ESILAW is a great tool for our everyday needs. It allows easy navigation and a user friendly layout. I mostly use this program for entering lawyers time and maintaining client information. With just a few simple clicks, I am able to update a client's file. I fully recommend this program to all law firms who are seeking an excellent service in law firm practice management.

  Dallas Quick - McEachern Harris & Brown

We have been using this program for 20 years and would never switch. Not only is it a great program, any time there is something I think should be considered to be added, I mention it to ESILAW and then next time there is an update, it is there. Also the support is excellent. Questions are answered almost immediately. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

  Ruth Silver - Wisebrod / Zeliger Associates

ESILAW is an efficient program that ensures accurate entry in a time effective manner. The program provides numerous capabilities to ensure that your time is documented and allows you to spend only a limited amount of time for the best possible outcome. We are now able to ensure that all of the costs of running a law office are dispersed and it has increased our revenue significantly.

  Tracy Adams - Jodway Law Corporation

I started my small business almost 2 years ago and decided to use ESILAW as my Accounting system as I had used it at other law firms I worked at previously and was impressed with its user-friendliness. Since having used the system now for almost 2 years, with very few problems arising, I am extremely satisifed with the software and will highly recommend it to other firms.

  Colleen Spier - Spier & Company Law

Through the past years I have been impressed with ESI's knowledge in dealing with the accounting program and what was needed. Our questions have been answered within short periods of time. ESI has continually increased the program to keep new changes current and they have listened to our ideas on improving their program.

  Dorothy Choquer - Cohen Buchan Edwards LLP

ESILAW is intuitive for first time users and is powerful enough to meet your needs!

  Curtis Goodman - Thiessen Law Group

Great system to use, idiot proof!

  Madden, Sirman & Cowle

ESILAW's accounting integrity, robust toolset, and superior reporting capabilities far outweigh what the competition offers.

  Louis T. Picco & Associates

I am impressed with ESILAW's fast response to customer enquiries/problems and willingness to listen to suggestions.

  Harry Couchman - Southern Legal

The hallmark of ESILAW is its intuitive interface and overall ease of use. It provides all of the accounting, audit, and reporting tools necessary to properly manage a law firm...

  Beechninor, Baker & Hall

When we found ESILAW we were quite astounded by its simplicity; its user friendly interface; and ease of access...

  Ralph Saulep - Saulep Lawyers

My experience with ESILAW and most particularly you, the customer support department of the organization, has been one of the finest that I have enjoyed.

  Joseph Doz - Joseph Doz Law Offices

We have been with ESILAW for years and I would like you to know that your program updates keep getting better and better.

  Furlong Chodola Reynolds

You are so prompt in responding to questions, helpful in your answers, patient with my learning. Just a great overall support team.

  Miller, Lehane & Wild

ESILAW is just so easy to use. We have been using ESILAW for years and it just keeps getting better. Whenever we have a problem the support team has worked us through it seemlessly.

  Sarah Moon - Randall & Company

I have been using ESILAW for almost six years now, I had a accounting background but had never worked in a law firm. The program is very user friendly and very easy to catch on to. One of the best things about ESILAW is their customer support team. It doesn't seem to matter what type of question you have or how complicated it may seem they are always able to help you. Thanks ESILAW!

  Cara Rich - Cody Law Office
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